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Advanced Options

Dr. David Eifrig's

Advanced Options

Higher Return Potential With Intelligent Trade Recommendations

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Stansberry's Advanced Options is designed to transform any stock into a potential triple-digit winner in a short time frame. This strategy can help you "boost" your returns while risking less money.

We're launching Stansberry Research's newest service on Wednesday, December 5th, and we've created a Prospective Member Memorandum for you to read before then. This contains all the details about Advanced Options — including four case studies that take a deeper look into the mechanics of how you can expect to achieve triple-digit gains.

Your free case studies focus on:

A once-in-a-decade opportunity to buy Disney at a discount, and then "boost" gains even further.

A profit play in just a couple of months on Ingersoll Rand — a steady blue chip — where we were able to multiply our returns while the stock only returned 7%.

An emerging markets ETF that went virtually nowhere — while we were able to squeeze out triple-digit returns.

Collecting 95% returns in just 18 days on a beaten-down stock that's on the cusp of a major rebound.

Prospective Member Memorandum You'll discover all the details about our exciting new service, Advanced Options — including how you can take advantage of our never-to-be-repeated Charter Membership offer.

Please take a look at our Prospective Member Memorandum by clicking here. This will give you a good, no-nonsense overview of Advanced Options and how it can help you "boost" your gains.